Flood Victory Celebration

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Flood Victory Celebration

Our community has gone through a great trial that began as 7.1 trillion gallons of rain fell and floodwaters rose that touched our homes, schools, businesses, and churches on August 12-15, 2016. Since then, we have torn down and torn out what we lost and have toiled to rebuild. Everyone has been at various stages, but a year after the flood, we can see the mighty hand of God and His care for us. We saw the Lord’s miracles and His might–and we still are!

Like Noah, we have been through a flood, and our next step needs to be to recognize the Lord and honor Him. “And Noah went forth…out of the ark. And Noah builded an altar unto the LORD” (Genesis 8:18, 20). Despite the loss of many things, we have found so much good! We are inviting our community, leaders, and those who’ve helped us to come together on Sunday, August 13, to praise the Lord for His goodness through and after the flood!

“Like” our church Facebook page at facebook.com/opendoor and add yourself to the event we created for this special day. Take a moment to share it with others, too!


  • Morning Worship at 10:30 with building rededication
  • Evening Praise at 6:30 with guest musicians, Brian Free and Assurance

(If you’d like to look back and see where the Lord has brought us since last year, check out our photo albums and videos on Facebook. Here are a few of the most-viewed items: ALBUMS—Flood of 2016, Putting Things Back Together; VIDEOS—Flood of 2016 Reaches Open Door, Help Needed for a Marvelous Work, First Church Service after the Flood, What God Was Doing on our Behalf, 2016 SCA/CDC Update. If you'd like to watch our celebration service, we plan to stream it live on Facebook/opendooronline. For those wanting to give online, including the love offering for Sunday's celebration, check out the new online "offering plate", or use the the FellowshipOne Go app available from your smartphone's store [Apple/Android; our "domain" is opendoor].)

Please contact our church office with any questions about this exciting day by calling 225-667-4679, extension 100, or emailing to office@opendooronline.com.


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