Pastor Schaffer & FamilyPastor Dennis Schaffer came to ODBC from Hendersonville, Tennessee, where he served as the Associate Pastor of Bible Baptist Church. Born in September 1974 (with his identical twin), he grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and has served in several ministries in different capacities. Serving as the Pastor at ODBC has been the fulfillment of a desire God placed in his heart since April 1992. He married his delightful wife, Amy Sue in July 1997, and they have two boys: Charles and Daniel.
The Lord changed Pastor Schaffer’s life when he was ten years old. As a child, he went to a Lutheran church, and his parents began searching for “what was missing” in their lives. This search led them to visit many different churches and religious institutions. They ended up visiting the Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, and one by one each of the family members began making professions of faith. Dennis’ salvation occurred after a friend from his public school invited he and his twin brother, Don, to attend a seminar at a church on the subject of rock music. Following the seminar, an invitation was given, and Dennis responded to it, although not fully understanding salvation at that moment. The next morning before heading off to school, Dennis asked his mother about “how to be saved.” His mother reviewed salvation with him from the Bible, and there in their living room, Dennis called on Jesus to save him. Shortly thereafter, he was baptized with the rest of his family.
Having an interest in aviation, Dennis pursued a potential career in the military. In 1992 as a junior in high school, however, the Lord worked in his heart, and he surrendered his life to serve the Lord in full-time Christian service. He still likes to fly small planes (and now his boys enjoy going with him, too), but serving the Lord is the passion of his life. Through various open doors, he has served in several capacities in different churches and ministries, knowing that all along the way the Lord was preparing him to pastor a church. When God brought him to Open Door Baptist Church, he knew that the Lord had prepared him “for such a time as this.” He and his family are excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for their family and the church. They hope that you will come and see what the Lord can do through your life, too!
If you would like to contact Pastor Schaffer regarding your eternal destiny, another spiritual matter, or if you have questions about Open Door Baptist Church or affiliated ministries, you may call the church office at 225-667-4679, extension 100, or email him at

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