Open Door: Faith’s Contention

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Open Door: Faith’s Contention

Founded on a Rock

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Playing with fire can be dangerous. It can be deadly. Many Christians are playing with the flames of deception Satan has kindled. It's not a popular topic but one the Apostle Peter declared plainly and in a not-so-politically-correct way. He addressed it 30 years after the church was birthed, and here we are nearly 2,000 years later still reading Peter's second epistle, being warned to contend for the faith. If we ignore the warnings, will we be exempt from the consequences? Is there a silver lining, a blessing and promise, if we heed the warnings? Let's be faithful at earnestly contending for the faith of Christ! Be a part of this service tomorrow morning at 10:30 that will remind each of us how to get serious about our walk with God. I believe it will be a life-changing look into God's Truth. (If you cannot come due to distance or illness, etc., watch our Facebook page live or after the service.)

As we step into the last month of the present year, arguably a busy time, let me encourage you to remember the Lord first and foremost. You are in my prayers, and I know He has you in His care. Please let me know if you have a spiritual need or prayer request.

Contending for the faith,

Pastor Dennis M. Schaffer

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Open Door Baptist Church, 7000 Gloryland Way, Denham Springs, LA 70726

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