We are always striving to grow in our relationship with God and with others.  Sunday school groups help us accomplish both!

At Open Door, we want people to experience and learn real answers to real life issues. In fact, that is what God wants for you as well. God never intended for us to live aimlessly in this world; that is why He gave us His word, the Bible. The best way to connect with God and belong to His church is through a Sunday school group.

What are Sunday School Groups?

Sunday school groups are groups of people of similar age and life stage who meet for the purpose of developing friendships and growing in their relationship with God.  Sunday school groups are safe places.  You will never be put on the spot to read the Bible out loud or pray in front of others.  We understand that people have different comfort levels. Nobody knows everything there is to know about God or the Bible.

Why should I get involved in a Sunday school group?

It is the place to belong for your life’s journey.  You will find a group of friends who will encourage and strengthen you as you discover God’s way of living a dynamic life.

Who can attend a Sunday school group?

Everyone! Open Door has a Sunday school group for every age group no matter if you are new to Open Door or have been attending for awhile. These groups are always ready and open to receiving new people.